Focused on the environment

For ecology-conscious holidays in nature

We love the beautiful natural landscapes that surround us and we consider it our responsibility to respect and preserve them for future generations, for our guests who come to visit us and also for ourselves. In order to realize this goal, we have taken all possible measures, which we are happy to list below. In this way, you will be aware of how you are contributing to environmental protection by staying with us.

Sustainable materials

Our rooms are furnished with sustainable materials.

Photovoltaic and solar panels

Electricity and hot water come from photovoltaic and solar panels.

Energy efficiency

Our ventilation system helps us in energy efficiency.

Charging station

For a fee, the KeContact P30 x-series GREEN EDITION e-charging station is available to our guests.


We collect rainwater in special tanks for the irrigation of our green spaces.

Alto Adige Guest Pass

Thanks to our location, well connected by a transport network, and the Alto Adige Guest Pass which allows free use, our guests can leave their car parked and move around either on foot or by public transport.

Regional products

We are founding members of the "South Tyrolean Inn" brand and we prefer the use of regional farm-to-table products.

Energy saving heating

For heating, we use the Verano plant, which runs on biomass fuel, a clean and renewable source.

Water conservation

A special filtering technique removes dirt particles from the pool, without the water having to be changed continuously, which translates into significant water savings.


We wash our laundry directly in the hotel to avoid long transport and to use the detergents and washing methods we deem most appropriate.


We do not provide slippers in the wellness bag, but we ask our guests to bring their own. If necessary, they can always be purchased on site.

Refillable dispensers

We use refillable dispensers for shampoo, shower gel, soap and body lotion.

Waste reduction

Where possible, we avoid pre-packaged products for the breakfast buffet, to reduce waste. In addition, to avoid food waste, we ask guests to plan ahead and choose their dinner menu in the morning.

Utilization of whole products

We are committed to using every part of the raw material: for example, we boil the skins or the remains of raw vegetables to make broth and transform any unused bread into tasty snacks.


For years, the kitchen team – together with your host Maria – have been preparing jams, syrups, marmalades and pickles for the winter with seasonal fruit and vegetables, often from our garden.